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There are many opportunities to be part of our research mission. We believe that through genuine partnerships and collaborations great science can be achieved.

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Science is expensive. But just as technology has advanced for personal and business use - so have the opportunities for research. We are applying this state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the pace of discovery in canine genetics; to better understand the basis of devastating diseases like cancer, and to pioneer research in neuroscience and non-invasive exploration of the mammalian mind.

When you donate to projectdog — you donate directly to research. Due to our community based model and generous donations in all areas, including laboratory space and equipment — projectdog has low operating costs - over 90% percent of your donation goes directly to research!

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Donate dog DNA samples

Your dog’s saliva can advance research and canine health.
What is needed
Thousands of samples are needed for current studies and to provide a permanent foundation for future canine disease research.
How you can help
Provide a simple cheek swab sample from your purebred dog — the DNA kit is free, quick and easy to use, and can be returned via prepaid postage envelope. Check to see if your breed is on the list of ongoing tests at the DNA testing page.

Sequence your dog’s genome

Sequence your dog for research! All 2.4 billion letters of your dog’s genetic code!

A technological tipping point in the field of genomics now enables the complete sequencing of an individual’s genome at a fraction of the former cost — what previously exceeded hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be achieved for only $12,000. You can sequence your dog or sponsor a breed to help researchers address multiple questions. Dogs chosen for a sequencing study will hold a historical place in the rapidly advancing field of dog genetics for years to come. Your dog, or your dog breed, could be the next key representative in this essential and expanding resource!

Custom digital genome artwork can be crafted with the resulting genetic code. Mosaics incorporating your dog and their genome, posters featuring your dog's sequence, and many other forms. Contact projectdog for more details.

Breed club sponsored research

Work with projectdog to expedite breed specific research.

Is your breed club frustrated with the myriad layers of bureaucracy to start, maintain, sponsor and follow through on research studies? Let projectdog help! We will work directly with your club to evaluate your breed specific project and discuss the best research options and opportunities. At projectdog we understand how important it is to be involved in your research study from beginning to end, let us help “accelerate discovery and drive application”.

Contact projectdog directly if you'd like to get started right away.

Become a projectdog liaison

Join our team of dog experts to catalyze research.

One of the most integral contributions of all! projectdog would like to build upon the remarkable expertise and experience of the dog owners, breeders and specialists within the canine community. Our expert liaisons will work directly with researchers to drive and advance breed studies. Be on the front line of discovery.

Contact projectdog directly if you'd like to get started right away.