Dogs naturally suffer from the same diseases and disorders that plague us... cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric disorders, and age-related decline... We now know that complex diseases are often strongly influenced by mutations in inherited genes.

Technology now makes it possible to identify these genetic defects. Discovering harmful gene mutations, both in human and in canine, is beginning to improve the clinical outcomes of patients.

Increasingly, genetics is enabling clinicians to carefully select medicines that best match the disease to slow or stop progression. New medicines are also being developed to prevent disease onset by offsetting known gene defects. These improvements reflect the potential of genomic medicine and translational science.

At projectdog, we believe this translational promise can be realized more rapidly, at lesser expense, and with greater power through canine genetics and transformative veterinary medicine.

Join us as we network thousands, perhaps millions, of devoted breeders and owners who share a common goal— to improve the well-being of dogs through precision medicine and lifestyle management that meets the demands of every dog, and their humans as well.