DNA testing

DNA testing should be fast, high-quality, affordable and easily accessible — our goal is to enable breeders to apply results of DNA testing immediately to their programs. Informed breeding practices will allow breeders to impact real change for the next generations of healthy dogs.

Join us in this next generation of DNA testing - for a trial period projectdog is offering non profit DNA testing to give back to the owners and breeders whom facilitated this discovery!

This test is for the breed community. A donation is requested to cover the tests costs, but you can choose what you would like to contribute.

Multiple dog advantage - Laboratory costs are reduced when more dogs are tested!

Dogs to test Recommended donation
1-5 $40/dog
6-20 $30/dog
20+ $20/dog

Doberman Pinscher DVDob

To All Participants in Doberman DVDoB (DINGS) preliminary testing

Thank you for partnering with us for scientific discovery!

Your participation in preliminary DNA testing for Doberman Pinscher vestibular deafness has accelerated the effort to better understand this inherited defect. ProjectDOG has suspended DNA testing for this disorder to focus on evaluating all data collected and to prepare a manuscript for a scientific journal that promotes and encourages open access. If accepted for publication, we anticipate several avenues will be available for routine DNA testing of DVDoB to the entire Doberman community. In the meantime, we encourage any outstanding DNA Test Kits to be returned by 30 September, 2014. Unfortunately, ProjectDog will be unable to process any DNA kits returned after this date and no refunds of donations can be issued.

We thank you again for your support in all stages of this research effort.

- Team ProjectDOG

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