DNA testing

DNA testing should be fast, high-quality, affordable and easily accessible — our goal is to enable breeders to apply results of DNA testing immediately to their programs. Informed breeding practices will allow breeders to impact real change for the next generations of healthy dogs.

ProjectDog is collaborating with Embark Veterinary to identify the causal mutation for EOAD in Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Embark's research team continues to work towards a direct mutation test for EOAD to offer to the Ridgeback community, however, there is no direct mutation test available at this time.

An interim testing option has been created through a collaborative data sharing effort with Embark Veterinary.

If your dog has a standard Embark test profile, you have the option to order interim EOAD testing with Projectdog.

PLEASE NOTE: Embark is NOT in a position to offer any interim testing at this time. This testing option is ONLY available at ProjectDog. Please do not contact Embark Veterinary to request this test.

Please direct all testing questions to ProjectDog at: info@projectdog.org

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